Disable the Annoying “Try The New Safari!” Messages

Apple has become extremely aggressive when it comes to some of their software. They seem to have forgotten that you own your computer, not them.

safariNOCase in point: often you’ll get popups bothering you to “try the new Safari” and, should you happen to try it and then quit, if you have another browser as your default it’ll ask if you really want to not have Safari as your default. SWEET JESUS Apple, NEEDY much?

You can enter the following into your Terminal to just turn the noise off for yourself, or better yet, use OS X Server’s Profile Manager or deploy them with a profile via Munki and send it out to all of your users – at least until the year 2080 or MacOX version 19.99 comes out.

First the defaults in the Safari preferences to stop it from asking it to set itself when you quit.

Then, the OS X preferences that tell it when it last asked for you to try Safari as well as if you’ve ever tried it.

You should now logout of your account or reboot your computer so that the system doesn’t revert these changes.  It is also possible that during system updates Apple will reset the above to again try to sway you to Safari.

For now, enjoy your computer.

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4 Responses to Disable the Annoying “Try The New Safari!” Messages

  1. Jason says:

    This actually doesn’t work. I entered all commands correctly, and the prompt still appears (OS X 10.10.5)

    • Steve Major says:

      As with anything, your mileage may vary. We’re using it successfully on a couple of hundred production Macs with 10.11.2 (10.11.1 as of the above posting). The preferences keys should work on 10.10.x as well. The instructions above are written for a per-user setting, if you’re looking for all users you’ll need to do a Profile and deploy with something like Munki or install the profile at the time of imaging. Good luck!

      • BigRobJr says:

        Hi – It did not work for me either, my Mac is El Capitan with all latest updates. I had to use sudo command before each command line you posted above and still did not work. Can you please try to update this code for the latest versions of Mac?? I cannot stand that damn popup to change my default browser back to Safari from Chrome constantly. Please we are begging you to help!!! Thank you!!!!

  2. Ramón G Castañeda says:

    Unfortunately, it did not work for me either. El Capitan 10.11.6.

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