Roomba Revolution

Based on a trustworthy recommendation and some research, we purchased a Roomba, made by iRobot. It is quite possibly the most useful gizmo we’ve ever purchased.  This little robot vacuum is a wonder.  It is about 15″ round (a good size dinner plate) and about 6″ tall.  It can do almost everything your normal vacuum does for cleaning a floor, and here’s the list of what it can do above and beyond that:

  • Because it is basically a 6″ roving disc, it can get into plenty of places that your regular vacuum can’t easily. Under the bed, in and around tight spaces, and under anything taller that it’s height.
  • It has really decent edge cleaning.  It has a brush that sticks out of the right hand side that spins and knocks debris in front of its main pickup.  Part of its algorithm is to detect edges and run that “sweeper” along them.

On top of that, it is really quiet.  If it’s in the same room as you, turn up the TV an extra notch. You’ll never know it is in the same room as you.

With the included “Lighthouses” is virtual wall mode you can confine it to areas where you don’t want it to go, or put them in lighthouse mode and they’ll keep the Roomba confined to the first room for about 35 minutes, then allow it into the next room you want cleaned for 35 minutes, and so on.

Cleaning it is a snap, and even with a shedding dog, emptying is only needed once per run.  I suspect as we will eventually schedule it to clean automatically, emptying will be every few runs as it will stay on top of the build up.  Oh, and when it is done it homes in on it’s recharge dock on the floor and starts to charge itself for the next day. Groovy.

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