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Adium Late this afternoon I decided to give Adium a try.  This wasn’t the first time, I’ve used it in the past, but before their 1.0 milestone. I grew tired of the team’s apparent lack of interest in Voice and Video chat, and since Apple’s iChat has all of that and every Mac I use has a built in camera, well – Adium got tossed to the wayside so I could do all those spiffy things.

But I missed all the cool things I could do with it. The great sounds – including many I created and uploaded to the Xtras Site (oh how I missed my Myst soundset!) – the custom status icons, the custom buddy and message views with transparency and more.

Sure, Chax made some of these things possible with iChat, even bearable, and while iChat did become much more functional to me with it along with Apple’s additions to it in Mac OS X 10.5, as a friend of mine liked to say often, “it’s like putting lipstick on a pig.”

With that said, Adium still hasn’t progressed on the AV chat front, although they claim 2.0 will have it, but have no estimated date as to it’s release. Also, the mouse-overs on the buddy list still spill over into my virtual desktops from time to time when Adium is in the background.

So, I think I’ll keep using it for a bit.  I spend 98% of my IM client existence text chatting and not using AV.  I suppose if I want to I can always fire up iChat for that. For now Adium is like that comfortable pair of slippers you’ve forgotten about.  Sure they might have a couple of holes, but they are comfortable.

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