Automatic Call Recorder

One of the neat and useful apps I found for my Android phone is one called Automatic Call Recorder. It does just what you would expect, any call made or received to your cell phone is automatically recorded and saved.

The saved recording can then be saved to Google Drive or Dropbox so you could email it or just save it to your computer for future reference.

Why would you want this? Let’s say you have your car in for service and the mechanic calls and says, “hey, we found something else, it’ll be $200-$250 more than we expected.” You think about it and say, “sure, do it.”  Then you show up to the dealer and get hit with a $500 extra expense.  You now have a voice recording made automatically of your conversation to play back that has the agreed upon price.

That is just one example of it’s usefulness too!

“Now, that can’t be legal!” you say! Well, it depends on where you live. New York State is a single party consent state, so that means so long as one person in the conversation knows they are being recorded, it is perfectly legal.

I’ve linked to the free version which is ad supported. There is a Pro version available that removes the ads and will automatically sync to your cloud service of choice. The app developer suggests that you try the free version and make sure it is compatible with your phone before purchasing the Pro version.

There are also call recorders for Apple’s iOS, but because of the very restrictive nature of Apple, they are not automatic and you can only make calls from within them. Also, it seems the ones I found charge you by the minute to record.

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