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YouTube – ChuckE2009

One of the last things I thought I’d subscribe to on YouTube is a metalworking channel. I guess that’s a compliment to how entertaining ChuckE2009 is to watch. He seems to always have an interesting project or review going on … Continue reading

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Washing Machine Filter Upgrade

Something that always bugged me are the inset washing machine filters. You know, unhook the hoses in the back and you have archaeological dig in the machine with needle-nose pliers to unscrew them all the while contorting into various positions … Continue reading

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Goodbye macOS Server, Hello Synology!

Warning, this will be more of a rant rather than a helpful trinket; perhaps a cautionary tale. I’ve written several times over the years about how Apple was slowly ruining what was once one of the best server suites available. … Continue reading

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Automatic Call Recorder

One of the neat and useful apps I found for my Android phone is one called Automatic Call Recorder. It does just what you would expect, any call made or received to your cell phone is automatically recorded and saved. … Continue reading

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