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Goodbye macOS Server, Hello Synology!

Warning, this will be more of a rant rather than a helpful trinket; perhaps a cautionary tale. I’ve written several times over the years about how Apple was slowly ruining what was once one of the best server suites available. … Continue reading

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Automatic Call Recorder

One of the neat and useful apps I found for my Android phone is one called Automatic Call Recorder. It does just what you would expect, any call made or received to your cell phone is automatically recorded and saved. … Continue reading

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Get Lyrical

I have a fairly huge iTunes music library and would consider myself a bit of a music buff, having music from almost every genre. I’m also particular about making sure my music is properly tagged with every field possible. One … Continue reading

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ASSP – Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy Server

For almost two decades I’ve operated my own email server for the family. It’s a fun hobby item, but does require some maintenance to defend against the constant barrage of spam and malicious actors trying to break in. For most … Continue reading

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Change or Repair an IP Address Change on macOS Server

Recently at work, due to a network switch going up and down, our production macOS Server that distributes Profiles to several hundred Macs had it’s Open Directory Master think that is had a self-assigned IP address. While other services remained with … Continue reading

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Alexa, IFTTT, DropBox, and x10 Automation

This past Christmas we received an Amazon Echo as a gift. The Echo  is the smaller version of the full Alexa, just without the large speaker If you’ve seen some of my posts here, I’ve been using x10 modules for a … Continue reading

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