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Add PATH Environment Variable to launchd Scripts

Recently I was having an issue with Node.js not being detected in my PATH with a Python script executed by launchd. This was bizarre to me for a couple of reasons. First, I’ve been using launchd for awhile now, and … Continue reading

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Gatekeeper & App Translocation on macOS

This is a quick trinket to fix an issue with App Translocation and Gatekeeper. Starting with 10.12 an App from outside the App Store when run from a disk image or the downloads folder, path translocation kicks in to protect … Continue reading

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YouTube – AvE

This guy is so much fun to listen to. While often speaking in the common man’s tongue with a Canadian flair, you quickly realize that he’s extremely smart and has a lot of real world experience. From machining, to electronics, … Continue reading

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Synctunes – iTunes to Android Music Sync

Synctunes is an app for Android with a desktop counterpart (macOS or Windows) that will let you sync your iTunes library, or selected playlists from an iTunes library to your Android device. I looked at quite a few of these … Continue reading

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YouTube – ChuckE2009

One of the last things I thought I’d subscribe to on YouTube is a metalworking channel. I guess that’s a compliment to how entertaining ChuckE2009 is to watch. He seems to always have an interesting project or review going on … Continue reading

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Washing Machine Filter Upgrade

Something that always bugged me are the inset washing machine filters. You know, unhook the hoses in the back and you have archaeological dig in the machine with needle-nose pliers to unscrew them all the while contorting into various positions … Continue reading

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